In-depth interior and exterior cleaning and detailing with the use of a variety of quality cleaning materials, liquid cleansing agents, polishing machines and more SDS detailing techniques.

Get the most out of your car with our detailing services. We’ll ensure that your car’s exterior finish is restored to its original condition. Tires and rims are restored using clay bars to get rid of dirt and grime. The bars clear the roughness of the surface due to dust and grit accumulation. It follows with polishing to remove clear coat damages like scratches, swirl marks and ensures a glossy finish.

Our interior detailing services provide full vacuuming, steam-cleaning, liquid detergent application, brushing, and window cleaning. All products used are approved and according to SDS standards. We can also advise and cater to our clients’ need when it comes to using their preferred materials. We use leather, vinyl, natural fibers and plastics, most commonly used in car seats, interior windows, panels and dashboards. At SDS, we ensure quality and that you get your money’s worth. We make sure that all the nook and cranny of your vehicles are not overlooked

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