The art and craft of auto detailing is no simple task but our team of professionals at Slick detailing studio are more than capable and well equipped to ensure that your vehicle will come out looking clean and fresh as if new.

For years, we’ve already been making our customers satisfied by giving them the most reliable auto repair and modification services the country has to offer. Now we have our very own Slick Detailing Studio with a goal to deliver only the best quality in terms of auto detailing. We are equipped with top quality materials and tools together with a team of experienced detailers to keep your car as pristine as possible as per Slick standards. We’ll ensure that every aspect of the car whether exterior and interior is well taken care of and restored closest to its original condition. From snow foam washes to PPF and ceramic applications we have got what it takes to offer you the best results. Our team will continue to provide the best services with perfection in mind, great attention to detail, precision and passion for the task.

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